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This website is dedicated to birders visiting the UAE, aiming to provide as much up-to-date information as possible.

It is important to note that this is a privately run website. Any mistakes or omissions are purely on the behalf of myself, and should not reflect on the work of the EBRC - Emirates Bird Records Committee.
If you do find any mistakes or omissions, please contact Tommy Pedersen directly via email found under 'Contact' above.

The website was created in October 2005 and is updated regularly.

A thriving birdiing fraternity exists in the UAE, a visit to the interactive discussion forum found under 'Forum' above illustrates this. Feel free to register.
Our photo gallery is hosted by Smugmug and found under 'Photos' above. It aims to show photos taken in the UAE of every species recorded here.

Any news on Rare Bird Decisions from the local Rarities Committee EBRC can be accessed via the link above.

New since August 2008 are the added photos and checklist of UAE mammals, lizards, amphibians, dragonflies, arachnids etc.

New since October 2011 is UAE on eBird. You can instantly view what you can expect to see at any UAE site at any chosen month of the year.

The number of resident, active birders in the UAE is still fairly low, so it is imperative that ALL records from visiting birders are submitted. Please send your records to Tommy Pedersen directly via email found under 'Contact' above.

If you found information on this website useful, please give something back by sending us your records. Old records are also welcome.


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This site is created with Freeway 5 Pro on my MacBook Pro, and viewed by me in Safari. If any of you are experiencing ANY difficulties viewing any aspect of this site on your Windows of Linux PC, a few words describing the problem will be appreciated.


Crab-plover eating a crab

Crab-plover, photographed by Ahmed Al Ali.

This stately species is recorded every month in the UAE, but rarely is it seen living up to it's name like this.



Ashy Drongo in flight, by Oscar

Ashy Drongo, here beautifully photographed in inverted flight by Oscar Campbell.

The United Arab Emirates was the first country in the Western Palearctic faunistic zone that could claim this gem.

It has been recorded in both Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain cities.



Ashy Drongo in flight, by Oscar

Pied Stonechat, photographed by Huw Roberts.

This superb species is recorded almost annually in the UAE



Twitching a Golden Eagle

Twitching a stray Golden Eagle in 52°C heat, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 3 July 2010
Ahmed Al Ali, Mike Barth, Mark Smiles, Nimeesh Suseelan, Simon Lloyd and Andrew Ward


Top photos; Persian Shearwater off Khor Fakkan by Huw Roberts and Hume's Wheatear by Simon Lloyd

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